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The Mindjammer Core Book is a massive, 160-page source book detailing a complete and original far future science-fiction setting for the Starblazer Adventures game. The Core Book provides everything needed to play using only the Starblazer Adventures rules.

Mindjammer gives you a detailed yet open campaign setting, with plenty of room for exactly the sort of Starblazer adventures you want to play. This Core Book details the background and history of the New Commonality Era, providing information on new species and cultures; new gear (including some very advanced technology!); new (and often sentient!) starships; the near-ubiquitous Mindscape; starmaps and info diagrams of Commonality Space, complete with world descriptions and planetary maps; an action-packed introductory campaign consisting of four linked adventures - and much, much more! It's a crunchy, technological take on the цветы Омск rules, with concrete descriptions of many key Starblazer concepts including FTL Star Drives, weapons, empires and organizations, and detailed explanations of how they fit into the Mindjammer setting. Everything you need to get playing is here.

Available now from Cubicle 7 Entertainment and DrivethruRPG!

  • Exotic Races and New Careers
  • Starship Characters
  • Far Future Technologies
  • New Skills and Stunts

  • New Starships
  • Rules for Cultural Conflict
  • Starmaps and Worlds
  • A Complete Campaign

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Space is a Dangerous Place...

It is the time of the False War, when the battle lines between the New Commonality and the nefarious Venu are being drawn. Conflict is everywhere - inside the Commonality and beyond. What will you do when the fate of humanity hangs in the balance?

Mindjammer Adventures is an action-packed 128-page scenario pack and sourcebook for the Mindjammer setting, providing four huge multi-session transhuman-themed adventures, plus the "Fog of War" mass combat rules, rules for group characters, new setting material, maps, equipment, starships and vehicles, and complete trading rules for the Starblazer Adventures game.

  • Discover the terrifying secrets of a dying world in Twilight
  • Experience a First Contact situation beyond anyone's wildest imagination in The City People
  • Put on your mirrorshades and track down an insane Mindscape heresy in Solenine
  • Try to rescue the stricken crew of a living, organic bioship in Occam's Razor
Mindjammer Adventures pushes the boundaries of what it means to be human: your characters - and the Commonality - will never be the same again!

Mindjammer Adventures is the second supplement in the Mindjammer series, the far future transhuman space opera setting for Starblazer Adventures. It's a collection of four gripping scenarios exploring different aspects of Mindjammer's transhuman theme, providing many sessions of exciting and action-packed play. But that's not all - Mindjammer Adventures also contains new rules for your Starblazer games, including: rules for interstellar trading missions; details on creating viable ecosystems and animal encounters; the "Fog of War" mass combat rules; rules for "group characters"; new gear for stealth missions and Mindscape actions; new stunts and starships; heaps more detail on the Mindscape and the New Commonality; and more!

Available Winter 2011 from Cubicle 7 Entertainment. Preorder now!

  • Four Transhuman Scenarios
  • New Trading Rules
  • Rules for Stealth Missions
  • New Gear and Starships
  • "Fog of War" Mass Combat Rules

  • Heaps of Setting Material
  • Rules for Animal Encounters
  • Starmaps and Worlds
  • More details on the Mindscape
  • Rules for "Group Characters"

Starblazer Adventures is Cubicle 7's fantastic space opera science-fiction roleplaying game! Using the critically acclaimed FATE 3.0 engine, Starblazer Adventures gives you rip-roaring, rock'n'roll intergalactic adventure where a hot blaster and a cool head are all that's between you and certain oblivion! Gigantic fleets prowl the starlanes, mysterious aliens devise inexplicable fates for humankind, devilish scientists operate enormous engines of destruction and swashbuckling princes defend their world from ancient empires.

Starblazer Adventures is based off the Starblazer comics published by D.C Thomson in the 1980s and 90s. Each of Starblazer's 281 issues explored a whole adventure set within the vast galactic empires of the far future, giving the roleplaying game from Cubicle 7 Entertainment a huge variety of settings to explore. From low-fi space exploration to galaxy-busting wars to space fantasy epics at the end of time, there is plenty for everyone!