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6th August 2010. Mindjammer wins an ENnie Award! We're absolutely delighted to announce that the Mindjammer core book received a Judges Spotlight Award at this year's 2010 ENnie Awards. ENnie Judge Christopher W Richeson bestowed the award, which is given for games which the Judges believe deserve special recognition despite not being nominated in a specific category. Other winners of the five Judges Spotlight Awards are Chronica Feudalis, Trailblazer, Fiasco, and Ancient Odysseys: Treasure Awaits.

It's a great honour to receive the award, and we'd like to thank everyone involved in the production of Mindjammer: Chris Birch, author of Starblazer Adventures, for believing in the project from the very start; Angus and Dom at Cubicle 7 for their constant encouragement and support; all the great Mindjammer fans and gamers out there, for spreading the word and championing the Mindjammer setting; and of course Christopher W Richeson, for his kind review on and for giving Mindjammer this awesome award. Thanks!

21st March 2010. Mindjammer Adventures coming Winter 2011. Mindjammer Adventures, the second supplement in the Mindjammer series, will be available this Spring from Cubicle 7 Entertainment in game and hobby stores everywhere. Click here for more information, and here to preorder now!

19th January 2010. MINDJAMMER OUT NOW! Mindjammer is now available from game and hobby stores everywhere. You can also order it directly from the Cubicle 7 web store here and in PDF form from DrivethruRPG here!

3rd December 2009. Today we're beginning a brand new suite of pages for the Worlds of the Darradine Rim, providing you with colour images and planetary maps of all the planets in the Mindjammer Core Book, free to download! Over the coming weeks and months we'll continue to add to these pages, giving you a full colour library of all the core book worlds for your Mindjammer gaming!

23rd November 2009. Mindjammer goes to the printer! Today saw the signoff of the Mindjammer core book manuscript and its sending to the printers. This means that Mindjammer be hitting the shelves in print and PDF format before Christmas 2009! Pre-order the Mindjammer Core Book here now!

Watch this space for more details, and for announcements of upcoming Mindjammer products. Roll on Christmas!

17th June 2009. Mindjammer release announced for November 2009! Last week saw the press release from Cubicle 7 for Mindjammer, announcing "a self-contained campaign setting designed to bring the transhuman space theme to the Starblazer Adventures role playing game... The 160 page Mindjammer supplement is due to be released in November this year by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd, with further supplements due in 2010."
The manuscript goes into layout very shortly, and we're fired up to go! Roll on November!

4th June 2009. This update we're bringing you the free, introductory Mindjammer scenario "Escape from Venu". Download it here today!

Escape from Venu, whilst set in the Mindjammer universe, has been designed to be played just with the core Starblazer Adventures rules. It also forms the first in a linked series of scenarios called The Black Zone campaign, which continues in the upcoming Mindjammer core book. Download it and give it a spin today!