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"Have you seen the Rim? It's breathtaking. So many stars, like diamond dust, so many teeming with life, waiting to be found. You could spend a thousand years exploring, and never visit the same world twice. And that's what I intend to do."

- interview with Youthful Curiosity-439, Space Force exploration drone, passing through Ajeux system in early 193 NCE.

The Darradine Rim lies on the edge of Commonality Space, in a region of intense exploratory activity badly affected by the Venu War of 110-120 NCE. Like all Commonality Space, the Rim has been opened up in the last two centuries, and contains numerous Old Colony worlds populated by humans during the First Age of Space, several hominid and xenomorph races, and significant alien presences at Drefnia and Zvukimu. The octant capital at Ajeux is also the subsector capital, and is some 250 light years from the sector capital of Tsen Tair.

This page contains links to colour images and maps of the worlds presented in the Mindjammer Core Book. Over the next few weeks and months we'll build this section up into a full online map database of the Darradine Rim. Full planetary statistics and descriptions can be found in the core book!

Click here for a hi-res version of the Darradine Rim starmap.

Click on the planets in the map above or in the list below to see images and planetary maps.

  • Ajeux
  • Amida
  • Belawis
  • Cham Fida Diu Wayn
  • Chardos

  • Chinhice
  • Delebor
  • Drefnia
  • Furnace
  • Galagole

  • Jemela
  • New Howzat
  • Nimbu
  • Tambini
  • Olkennedy

  • Tremor
  • Viri
  • Xaiwu
  • Zhaffrane
  • Zvukimu